Santorini Photo Tours offers guided tours of some of the most spectacular Locations and landscapes in Santorini
We are professional photographers in Santorini and  have years of  experience in weddings photography and video in all kind of events. We give you the digital quality of wonderful photo's using for background the splendid sunset and the volcano of Santorini island.
One of the most important aspects of your wedding day
will be your photography. If you don't have time to organize your wedding in Santorini, or if you just like to take beautiful pictures while you are on the Island with your love ones,  we offer you a photo session service that last 3hours. We will drive you to the most extraordinary Santorini locations, to take your photos.
You can wear your wedding dress and have a fantastic result of Santorini contrast between the white and the blue colors of the Island.
  • The cost:

For 3 hours photo session the cost is 300 Euros
This price Include: Car and photographer driver, to drive you to the most beautifull locations of the Island.
We will take about 400 pictures and all of them it will be on the CD full size unlock, so you can print your beautiful photos after you go back home.

  • Time for the pictures:

Most of the times you will get all the photos on the same day. If not, we will delivered to you at your hotel, the next day.
Payments: We except visa and master cards, we will ask you for 100 Euros deposit and you will pay the balance after our service.

  • Notes:

We guarantee fully satisfaction of our services. If you are not happy with our service you don't pay anything, we give you the photos for free