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10 Best Places to Propose in Santorini

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10 Best Places to Propose in Santorini

Santorini Proposal planning season is here and in full swing!

Santorini is one of the most Romantic island to visit in Greece — occasionally referred to as “Paradise island” World renowned for Romantic Views, Volcano, Oia Village, red Beach and nightlife, some also call it “Wedding Island.” If you’re craving a fun, romantic getaway or entertaining the idea of an over-the-top proposal to the love of your life, Santorini might be the perfect place to visit for a memorable holiday.

Due to its increasing popularity, Santorini is often quite busy. The most popular destinations are on Oia Village, lined with luxurious hotels and with houses on the cliffs of Santorini which is perfect for proposing or wedding pictures. To avoid the busy season, place your bet on the low season months in March, April, May, and October, make your vacation reservations and be sure to check Santorini’s convention calendar websites. You’ll want to avoid hight season as June, July and August  while increasing your odds for reserving great tables and finding the perfect moment.

Here are 10 of the best places to propose in Santorini:

Luxury yacht

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Le Ciel Wedding Venue

le ciel santorini wedding propose



Saint Irini Chapel 



Santo winery

santorini winery proposal


Dana Villas


10 Best Places to Propose in Santorini



Saint Nicholas Private Villa Chapel 

10 Best Places to Propose in Santorini



♦ Propose Locations during a Photography tour


Photo Location 1: Oia

Having adorned a million postcards Oia is the picture perfect Santorini town that draws millions of visitors to the island. Its sunset is one of the most photographed in the world and it was both our favourite photo location and favorite town in all of Santorini. We stayed in Oia and adored its picturesque setting, the maze of narrow streets lined with shops and cafes and the cliffside views.


 Sunset from Oia Castle

Oia Castle is the most popular spot for sunset photos in all of Santorini and, justifiably so, its sunsets were among best we’ve ever seen. The best view of the the sunset is over Amoudi Bay against the backdrop of the gorgeous Oia buildings. The best angle we found was sitting on the wall of the Castle facing towards the bay.

Santorini photo tip: As sunset approaches the crowds pour into Oia from all over the island. We grabbed our spot on the castle walls over an hour before sunset so be sure to arrive early if you want to set up for some shots.


The Oia cliffside

The pastel buildings lining the cliffside of Oia are at their finest when bathed in the glow of sunset so be sure to point your camera in their direction. The famous Oia windmill, one of the most recognised buildings in Santorini, overlooks the cliffside making for an iconic Santorini shot.


 Amoudi Bay

Overlooked by Oia, Amoudi Bay is a picturesque port and is home to the iconic Santorini caldera views that you’ll see in every guidebook! It’s every bit as beautiful in real life and is a great photo spot. As with Oia castle we found the best time for exploring was late evening  in the run up to sunset when the warm Greek sunlight illuminates the buildings and windmill.


Santorini Photo Tip: We highly reccommend staying in Oia when visiting Santorini as it means you can spend time visiting the castle and wandering the streets of Oia in between the crowds: both early in the morning and late in the evening you will almost have the place to yourself.  Plus it’s home to many of the famous Santorini cave hotels which are a real treat to experience!


The Blue Dome Churches of Oia 

The blue dome churches of Oia are an iconic Santorini postcard image. Try to get here just before sunset, during the golden hour, for the best light and to capture the sun going down behind the blue domed churches.

Photo Location: The best location for this photo took a little time to find while exploring the caldera side of Oia. Turn off Nomikou street at Patisserie Medevio until you come to the end of the buildings. On your right, just down the steps you’ll see a stunning view of the blue domes.


The Church Bells in Fira Town

Fira town is essentially a busier, bigger version of Oia with lots of restaurants and nightlife. Despite this it still has its share of beautiful views and quiet winding streets and you can get completely lost exploring the many alleys and streets that meander the hillside overlooking the caldera. Our favourite view was this signature Santorini photo of the blue domed church bells overlooking the caldera.

Emporio Town

This beautiful little town is on the road to Perissa beach and is easy to pass without ever knowing it’s hidden away. Quiet streets, adorable resident dogs and friendly locals make this a must see in Santorini and every street offers fantastic photo opportunities.

Perissa Beach

Known locally as the black beach, due to the volcanic black sand, Perissa Beach is another great photo location in Santorini.

Blue Domed Church at Perissa

Located in the central square of Perissa the Church of the Holy Cross offers another great opportunity to capture the famous Santorini blue domes.

Red Beach

The soaring red lava cliffs and red sand of Akrotiri’s Red Beach is a unique sight in Santorini. Even on the gloomy Santorini day we visited the red pebble sand and cliffs were incredible to see, just be careful of potential rock falls.

Santorini photo tip: The Red Beach is located on the southern side of Santorini and best reached by car or ATV.


  • Be respectful: Santorini is one of the most photogenic places we’ve ever visited and the unique towns and villages on the island are maintained immaculately by the locals. That said, when exploring the villages, especially Fira and Oia, please be respectful of property and, however tempting, don’t step onto private property or on to the roof of buildings in order to get a better angle on a shot.
  • Sunrises and sunsets: As will most trips we recommend catching as many sunrises and sunsets as you can! Both are stunning in Santorini but we found the sunsets, with the golden hour light, spectacular. Plan to do most of your shooting during these times. Most of the 10 Best Places to Propose in Santorini

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