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Pre wedding photoshoot Santorini ideas

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Pre wedding photoshoot ideas Santorini

New Pre-wedding photo shoot idea is what we all would love to know this wedding season. Those time and era of awkward poses and irritating photographers telling us how to stand are gone. Remember, those Look into the eyes shot and hold my hand shot?

Those photo shoots just solved one purpose, and that was to irritate the couple. But now with the grace of social media and the blessings of those irritated couples, the concept of pre-wedding photo shoots have drastically changed. The couple nowadays cherishes the pre-wedding time spent together that in turn helps build their bond of love.

House pre wedding photoshoot

Your new house is always a popular choice to start taking your pre wedding photoshoot

Invite family and friends to the house for pre wedding photoshoots


Making weddings more beautiful and memorable, pre-wedding photo shoot ideas has become a must-have activity, making a wedding feel incomplete without having one.

Love is truly magical, so it should be portrayed in a magical and lovable manner. So, we have listed some of the most amazing pre-wedding photo-shoot ideas just for you. In case, you also need help in choosing the right pre-wedding photographers for your choice / style of pre-wedding shoot, consider exploring this comprehensive list.

Getting your pre-wedding shoot done at the serene backwaters of Santorini would simply brighten up your wedding album. And if you’re willing to go all the way, you can even get to do your photoshoot on a houseboat.

Wedding Photographer

Share your story and ask your wedding photographer to come up with interesting Santorini pre-wedding photoshoot ideas on that basis. Your wedding photographs should scream your love story, your personalities and most importantly your style! Here are some of the ideas to choose from:

Love Moments

Say it, express it, kiss like there’s no tomorrow! Couples who are not afraid to show the world how much they’re in love should let their pre-wedding photoshoot speak for themselves. Make your wedding album look like it came straight out a romantic movie.

Free style photoshoot

Why stick to the norms when you’ve got a funny bone? Have some fun while shooting for your pre-wedding album if that’s what defines you! Jump, laugh, joke around, and go crazy! Make memories that would make you laugh each time you remember. We would even suggest playing pranks on each other and capturing the exact moments of your partner’s reaction. Of course, you will have to keep the photographer in the loop for all your plans.

So you’re a couple who have always their dancing shoes on! Why not showing off in your photos? Twirl, tango and do the salsa for a zesty pre-wedding photoshoot. Imagine how hot a photoshoot it would be if it is captured all on the dance floor.

Photographers Ideas

Photographers are coming up these days with some surprisingly creative Santorini pre-wedding photoshoot ideas to make the Santorini pre wedding album a visual delight. We share some them here we found to be innovative ideas. You can use them on your pre-wedding photoshoot for that extra punch:

Black & White and Silhouette

When in doubt, go Black & White! Bring out the depth in your pre-wedding photos with intense Black & White photography. While on the other hand, go for golden silhouettes in the sunsets. There is a subtle charm in such pictures that give them almost an eternal feel.


Colour Coordinated

Coordinating the outfit colours with the surroundings glamorises a photograph to an outstanding level. Matching or contrast, choose your outfits after consulting with the wedding photographer and stylist for stunning results. You can do the same for different wedding ceremonies as well. Coordinating outfits will the groom for the wedding day is quite a trend these days.

What’s Trending

If you are looking for some extraordinary Santorini pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that are creating ripples everywhere, here are a few trending ones: Wedding proposal in Santorini on luxoury Yacht

Monuments and Heritage

Since we are talking about Santorini pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, why not have historical monuments as a backdrop of your pictures for a more ethnic vibe. Choose Santorini outfits to suit the ambience.

Beach Photoshoot

The beach is always a popular choice for romantic pre-wedding photoshoots. Walk on the beach together or raise a toast to your upcoming journey. However, this couple decided to take it up a notch by posing in a fabulous yoga pose by the deep blue sea. If you are also a yoga fan, you can follow suit and get clicked in a similar fashion.

Life in a Day

The sole purpose of pre-wedding photoshoot ideas is to make the couple comfortable in front of the camera while capturing their story in candid shots. Spend a day in your own city, visit the spot where you first met or share an ice cream. Let the photographer arrest your everyday life in an artistic way.


As far as Santorini pre-wedding photoshoot ideas go, the opportunities today are endless. You can choose to go lavish for destination photoshoots, or you can get astonishing creative options at affordable costs.  All you need is to sit and talk to your wedding photographer to explore the possibilities. Isn’t all of this getting you excited about your own pre-wedding photoshoot?