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Santorini proposal photoshoot on the best Santorini photography locations.

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Photographer Santorini works with an extensive network of pro photographers for a perfect proposal photoshoot in Santorini on the best Iconic locations of Santorin Island, Greece.

We have been offering proposal photoshoots in Santorini, Greece for the past 10 years. Our Santorini Photographers offer photoshoots, surprise proposals, honeymoon photoshoots and more. We host hundrends of Santorini Proposal photoshoots every year in Santorini alone, maintaining very happy couples that coming back to Santorini for their wedding a few years later! Check out our low cost Photo shoot prices to find out how much does a photographer cost in Santorini for Santorini proposal photoshoot and proposal packages. We removed the worries and hassle for anyone want to hire a photographer in Santorini. Let’s start talking to organised your Santorini proposal Photoshoot.

Santorini is a famous island which is visited by millions every year (more than 2 million travellers visited in 2019, between April to November). It’s one of the most beautiful and unique vacation islands in Greece. Save time and money by hiring a vacation photographer in Santorini to capture those photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. In a nutshell you will want to avoid huge crowds that roam the tourist areas. Let us help you avoid that! If you are looking to hire a photographer in Santorini, for a photo shoot, you have come to the right place!

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Best time of the year to visit Santorini

We plan our photo shoots depending the time of year, so you don’t have to mind the small details. We are professional photographers in Santorini and we work on the Island all year around will discuss with you best places and ideal time of the day for the perfect photo shoot. We take all the hassle of you!

The Best time  of the year to Visit Santorini, Greece for nice weather is end of April, May, June, Semptember, October and November is the best time of the year to enjoy a vacation in Santorini.

Peak summer months July, August and September are the busiest months in Santorini. From December to March you will find moderate weather, little rain and some clouds. It’s definitely a time of the year to visit if you are on a budget or on the lookout for lower prices.