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Santorini Photographers is also a Santorini-based Wedding proposal planning team

Established by the Santorini – featured secret proposal wedding photographer Niko Sirigo, and Proposal event planner Anna Pecak

We are a marriage proposal photographers and videographers. Based in Santorini, it’s our passion to capture those special moments when you come to ask the love of your life: “Will you marry me?”

Everyone knows that it’s crucial to have great photography for your wedding day — but many are also waking up to the fact that these memorable moments start much earlier: at the proposal itself! 

Santorini Proposal Photographer (2 hour)


Proposal photography ( 4 hours )


Video shoot of proposal moment


Story package (Video+Photo+Editing)


A proposal is so important. After all, it’s what sets the rest of your life in motion. And capturing that moment requires a very special kind of photographer. You need someone with an eye for artistry, for gesture and for emotion.

There are so many unique ways to propose in Santorini. You can take a private tour or a helicopter ride, propose on a boat or use the Caldera side of Santorini. Santorini is full of amazing places with breathtaking views. Be creative, be unique, and use your proposal to explore the Santorini Island with your partner.


Together with our star photographer, Niko Sirigo, we will create your photo story. Before the proposal, we will send you a map detailing the route from your location or hotel to the proposal spot. On the day of your proposal, our photographer will take pictures before, during and after the event. We use special, paparazzi-style equipment so that your significant other will never find out before the time is right!

Santorini proposal photographer

While planning your marriage proposal, we will also take the time to discuss and plan your proposal video. First, we will record an interview with you, which we will then edit into our final proposal film. If you are located in Santorini, we can arrange an appointment in our studio. If not, we can arrange a recorded Skype interview. Once you’ve told us about your plans, we’ll start scripting and planning positions and roles for our team on the big day, as well as where you and your friends/family (if you want them in on the secret!) will be. On the day itself, we will capture the whole occasion on video. After the proposal, we will record a chat with you and your significant other about your experience of the day. We will then edit all of this together using professional equipment, splice in your chosen song, and present you with your full proposal story. >>See Proposal Videos


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Best way to Propose in Santorini is on a Yacht. See yacht proposal package Here

10 Best Places to Propose in Santorini

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The story of how you proposed will be told to friends and Families for the rest of your lives . Our advice: Put your own spin on one of these romantic, and foolproof, proposal ideas.


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