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santorini wedding photographer

Santorini wedding photographers

Santorini Wedding Photography

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Santorini wedding photographer, Every Sanorini wedding photography is demanding work and we give the best of us for every wedding in santorini to satisfied with us wedding photography skills not only the wedding couple but the family of the couples and friends !

antorini wedding photography has become about story telling – capture of the emotions and atmosphere of the day through reportage style photography. Black and white and color combine to create a contemporary, stylish and complete story of your wedding day in Santorini.

“In the years to come it will be the pictures that tell your wedding story”

YOUR WEDDING PICTURES should be about you and not just of you. I am looking to capture the real you and that means who you are and how you feel about your intended spouse, your family, your friends and your wedding day. I concentrate on those photographs that tell your story.

I avoid being intrusive and believe it’s best to melt into the crowd so that I can observe discreetly. Most people are more comfortable and more themselves when they are unaware of the camera. However, the photographer must have special technical, emphatic and anticipatory skills in order to capture these precious moments.

OWN YOUR IMAGES:It is our policy to provide all files and images to our clients in any resolution or format for no additional charge. This is a big deal as most photographers maintain these rights and are free to charge what-ever rates they wish for reprints and albums.

Primarily, I am an artist photographer. I am looking for images that are timeless in that they are not just reproductions of faces, but rather images that emote the special feelings shared by those photographed with you

santorini wedding photography

Santorini Wedding photography Cost is 300 euros for 1 hour at the wedding venue

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